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Yahoo! Introduces New Ad Products to Help Marketers Reach Audiences With Greater Precision

New Targeting Capabilities Leverage Search Activities to Deliver More Relevant Display Ads; Ad Scheduling and Demographic Options Enable Greater Personalization for Search Ads

Yahoo! Inc. today announced the launch of three new targeting products for brand and performance marketers that are designed to help them reach the audiences that matter most when advertising online. The announcement was made during the Company’s keynote presentation at the annual conference of the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

“As the economy continues to put pressure on advertising budgets, marketers are looking for increased accountability for every dollar they spend. Yahoo!’s new targeting products significantly improve the ability for search and display advertisers to reach their target audience, providing increased efficiency and accountability,” said Michael Walrath, senior vice president, Advertising Marketplaces Group, Yahoo!. “Yahoo! remains incredibly well positioned to meet the growing advertiser demand for performance marketing offerings, and no other company can provide marketers with such scale and expertise across search and display advertising.”

The new products include:

Search Retargeting for Display Advertising

Yahoo!’s Search Retargeting is a customized display targeting solution that lets advertisers capture user interest from search terms and retarget the user with display ads throughout the Yahoo! Network. For example, if a user searches for the keyword “sandals,” indicating strong purchase intent, an advertiser can target that user with a tailored display ad for footwear.

“We are always looking at new ways to maximize our ad spend while utilizing the most cost-effective solutions that convert users on the backend. By using Yahoo!’s Search Retargeting display product, we were able to achieve an effective cost per lead that was at the same level as our search backend goals and 50% lower than our regular display retargeting efforts, meaning that our display campaign was performing close to our search campaign,” said Rico de Leon, senior director of Media Services Operations, at University of Phoenix.

Enhanced Retargeting for Display Advertising

Yahoo! is also introducing Enhanced Retargeting, which combines standard site retargeting with dynamic ad generation. For example, users who visit an airline website to check offers for flights from SFO-JFK can be served a personalized offer for that specific flight when they visit a page within the Yahoo! Network. In a recent trial, a market-leading online travel company saw a 230% increase in total bookings and a 651% increase in click-through rate when comparing Enhanced Retargeting to their traditional retargeting campaign.

Enhanced Targeting Capabilities for Search Advertising

Recognizing the need for more focused audience segmentation and improved control, Yahoo! Search Marketing will offer advertisers Enhanced Targeting capabilities for Sponsored Search and Content Match programs (expected to start in March).New features are designed to extend the advertiser’s control over where and when an ad is shown at both the campaign and ad group level, including what time of day and day of the week an advertiser would like campaigns to run (ad scheduling) and what age and gender they’d like to reach (demographic). Advertisers will be able to vary their bids for different segments in order to increase their ability to reach the desired audience

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