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Web Based Helpdesk Software

The term “Helpdesk” itself gives an overview of the software. Web based helpdesk means an interface where the clients are provided help with respect to spam mail, web forms, etc. Any problem encountered by a company working with computers can be solved by the web based helpdesk software with immediate effect. Helpdesk software is the perfect way to solve any technical anomalies faced by the clients.

The best part of the web based helpdesk software is that the client can access the helpdesk through any computer, anywhere in the world. The benefit of this software is that it is very flexible compared to its earlier versions. Given below are some of the advantages of the web based helpdesk software:

· There are many times when an employee tries to solve clients queries, some other employee solves the problem. This generally happens when your company is using a standard e-mail format to help your customers. Helpdesk software provides a separate interface through which each employee has the right to own and solve the query received by him.

· Some web based helpdesks also allow their clients to create their own trouble tickets. Besides, creating a trouble ticket is easy as filling up any web application form. This saves the company’s time as well as money.

· Some web based software also offers FAQ menus to their clients for better results. In this way, the clients will be able to solve their queries through mere interaction without any assistance from the technical support.

· The term “software” may sound too technical, however it is not. There is no need to buy the software at all. All you have to do register yourself and set the ‘settings’ to default mode and simply copy-paste the HTML code. That’s all you have to do and you have your own web based helpdesk!

· Just so that you get to experience the web based helpdesk software before registering for it, you can avail the trial offer in which the first twenty requests (queries) are free of charge. Besides, the monthly subscription fee for this web based software is about $9.95 per operator. This makes the web based helpdesk software very cost effective.

· Compared to e-mail based customer service desks, the web based helpdesks are more productive. E-mail based services generally use the format of multiple addresses which can create a lot of confusion. By using web based software, companies can direct the customer queries directly to the technical support.

There are many web based helpdesk software namely, HelpDesk Software, BLive 2.5, CRMdesk, etc. Web based helpdesk software can easily help to generate more revenue for any company by providing customer satisfaction with its unique features and immediate results.

If you need a powerful solution for your support make sure you check out a great Web Based Helpdesk Software for more info.

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