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New Advanced Image Processing Feature Improves Diagnosis with Increased Visibility; Will be Showcased with Infinix VF-i/SP at ACC

CHICAGO — April 1, 2008 — At this year’s American College of Cardiology (ACC) annual meeting in Chicago, March 30 – April 1, 2008 (Booth # 8001), Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc. will be showcasing its Advanced Image Processing (AIP) technology for its Infinix™ X-ray product line. With AIP, physicians will be able to better visualize even the smallest interventional devices and provide better patient care to patients undergoing interventional procedures.

“The image quality offered by Toshiba’s Infinix line, particularly the AIP feature, is remarkable,” said Dr. John S. Wilson, medical director, cardiovascular services, Washington Hospital. “AIP allows us to image bariatric patients, which was difficult to do before. It also gives us reduced background noise and improved device and vessel visualization, which allows us to increase workflow and provide better patient care during our interventional procedures.”

Benefits of the technology include:

Toshiba will showcase AIP in conjunction with its Infinix VF-i/SP X-ray system, a universal cardiovascular system designed to accommodate diagnostic and interventional procedures.

Developed based on the popular Infinix-i series platform, the new floor-mounted, single plane system features a multi-axis positioner with extremely versatile movement for unprecedented patient access and anatomical coverage, including head-to-toe, finger tip-to-finger tip coverage. These features allow clinicians to complete procedures more quickly and comfortably than traditional systems, reducing procedure times and improving overall departmental workflow. In addition, a high-resolution 12″x16″ flat panel detector provides the uniform, distortion-free images required for the full range of cardiovascular studies.

For more information about AIP and the Infinix VF-i/SP or Toshiba’s wide-range of diagnostic imaging technologies, visit

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