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The only gadjet you need is iPod Shuffle

The iPod shuffle has gained a lot of attention in the few years it has been released (and has gone through a major style change in that time). Of all the various iPods, it is by far the most inexpensive. It doesn’t come loaded with any fancy features (it doesn’t even have a display), but it is very inexpensive. The current generation is the smallest MP3 player ever made by Apple, meaning it is even smaller than the Nano. Let’s talk about the iPod Shuffle and its features in more detail.

iPod Shuffle

Engineered to function as a clip-on device, the iPod Shuffle is very handy for joggers or those who are on the go. The solid-state flash memory makes the Shuffle perfect for use during high-impact exercise or work that would normally jar the hard drive of a regular iPod completely to death. more …

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