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The All-New MSI Wind12 U200

Genie of the Wind, Unlimited Magic

While its body is as light as the wind, its screen is as wide as the ocean. These two seemingly opposite elements are now perfectly balanced on the MSI Wind12 U200!

The MSI Wind12 U200 is like a dancing fairy, possessing a light and agile body of only 1.3kg, while equipped with a 16:9 HD-ready Glittering Crystal Frameless Screen measured at 12.1 inches. The model also comes with Intel’s latest CULV platform, adding substantial computing power to the energy-saving ultra thin notebook, while maintaining its battery life at up to 6.5 hours. Not only does the U200 offer you unlimited potential, it also gives you the latest and most stylish model in slim computing!

A Wide View with Boundless Reach
With a body as light as a netbook, the agile MSI Wind12 U200 features a screen much larger than that of its cousin. The 12.1-inch, energy-saving LED screen sports the Glittering Crystal Frameless Screen design, the high quality of which immediately attracts your attention as soon as you set your eyes on the unit. The golden 16:9 ratio with the HD- ready 1366×768-pixel high resolution presents you with the most comfortable and splendid display, able to show off the vastness of the ocean and the land. No longer is the view being sacrificed for compactness. What’s more, you can even take the visual effects of the theater with you on the road!

The slim Design Lets You Breeze Through Work
The U200 has a soft and smooth exterior and weighs a mere 1.3 kg with battery included, which is truly a featherweight design. With a surface area smaller than that of a sheet of A4 paper, the MSI Wind12 U200 is ultra-lightweight and portable, and will become an attractive notebook in your handbag. You’ll hardly notice its weight at all while on the road, although you’ll find it a piece of accessory hard to part with given the model’s high-quality design. Moreover, the U200’s keyboard utilizes MSI’s exclusive EDS (ergonomic de-stress) technology, which adds 51% of additional surface area to each key and allows you to maintain comfortable and smooth keystrokes, reducing the burden of the fingers and wrist. Work for several hours without tiring out!

Long-Duration Battery Life Offers Maximum Efficiency*
The MSI Wind12 U200 is the first 12.1-inch model on the market equipped with an ultra thin Intel CULV processor. Not only does it sport ultra-low power consumption, it performs even better than the netbook-exclusive ATOM processors. The U200 also contains the ultimate in MSI’s research and development effort, with built-in MSI-exclusive ECO smart energy solutions which have passed the Energy Star certification and are able to provide an ultra-long battery life. On a model with a 6-cell battery installed, the battery life will last up to 6.5 hours, which is three times that of a conventional 12-inch laptop! When you’re away from home there’s no longer the need to carry a bulky power supply unit, and you won’t have to look for a power outlet while relaxing in a coffee shop surfing the Internet or chatting. You’ll be able to experience high-efficiency mobile computing anywhere, anytime!
*Actual battery performance varies according to user preferences & system settings

Marvelous Software Gives You Unlimited Joy
The MSI Wind12 U200 has a built-in high resolution webcam with 1.3 million pixels, and comes with three new MSI-exclusive applications: Webcam Companion, Visual Effect2, and Print Creation. These software packages not only allow you to enjoy face-to-face communication with your friends and relatives with the megapixel webcam, they also let you edit webcam videos and photos at will as well as to print them quickly, so that you can share the exciting moments in life with everyone effortlessly. In addition, the U200 also has a face-recognition application exclusive to MSI, Easy Face, which provides you with high-grade security protection! All you need to do is to take a few personal portraits using the webcam and register them into the system, after which you can painlessly log into the system or lock your U200 with high-security bio-identification system! Protecting personal information on a notebook computer has never been easier!

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