Yang is the transcription of the Chinese family name 楊 / 杨. It is the sixth most common surname in Mainland China.
Yang is most often the transliteration of the character 楊 (in simplified Chinese: 杨). The same character can also mean a type of poplar. The character is composed of a “wood” radical on the left and the character yang (昜) on the right, which indicates the pronunciation of the whole character.
Yang can also be the phonetic translation of other Chinese surnames, including 阳, the Chinese character for the Sun, and a very rare Chinese family name 羊, the Chinese character for Goat or Sheep.
Four origins are recorded for the surname Yang (楊):
Some branches of the Yang clan (in particular the Hongnong branch) refer to themselves as “Yang of the Hall of Four Wisdoms”. The “Hall of Four Wisdoms” refers to a story concerning Yang Zhen, an official of the Eastern Han Dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD), known for his erudition as well as moral character. When a man named Wang Mi visited Yang…