VoIP phone

A VoIP phone is an entity used to make telephone calls over the internet. VoIP phones use one of several competing communication standards to send their calls through a network. VoIP is a way of taking the current method of talking (Analog Audio Signals) and adapting them to become Digital Data that can be transmitted over the internet.

There are many different ways this can be done using the following.

1. A computer application (often called a soft phone): a very basic way to make a call all that is required is an internet connection, speakers, microphone (and/or headset) and a sound card.

2. ATA (analog telephony adapter): this device plugs into the existing home or analog telephone, your computer and the internet connection. This acts as an analog-to-digital converter, the phone is then ready to make calls using VoIP technology.

3. IP Phones: Looks identical to a regular telephone but instead of connecting to the normal phone line jack on the wall, they connect into a…