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Turn are an Irish band.
Turn formed in 1998 when lead singer/guitarist Ollie Cole and drummer Ian Melady joined forces with Dublin bass player Gavin Fox, whom they met at a local recording studio. Cole and Melady had been friends since youth and had previously formed Pixies-influenced punk band Swampshack.
Through frantic gigging and the release of a few choice 7″ singles, Turn started to earn a name for themselves and soon found themselves signed to Infectious Records. Their debut album, Antisocial, soon followed and Turn looked to be on their way to stardom. Infectious, however, were not too interested in releasing any singles from the album and Turn soon found themselves in record company limbo once again.
With their schedule clear, Turn hit the road again playing gigs to get funds for more recording. The In Position EP was the fruit of these labours, a six track snapshot on their own Nurture label in March 2002 which was a taster of what was to come. A double a-side Another Year…

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