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When thin clients first appeared on the market over 10 years ago, IBM was a great proponent of this technology even though the first units had slow CPUs, limited memory, and Linux-based operating systems. In the early days of thin clients, networks were still employing hubs instead of switches. Hubs share all network traffic with all the attached devices; therefore, this type of technology did not work well with the boot-server type of thin clients. In other words, when many thin clients were started at the same time, the network …

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Primary Computing Models
o Non-administered Desktop: Here users have their own desktop system. Users/System Administrators manage each system individually including installation and upgradation of software and OS.
o Administered Desktop: Using this model the System Administrators can install and manage applications on users’ desktops remotely from a centralized remote location.
o Thin client/Server-based: In this model, processing takes place on one or more centralized servers. Users can access these applications locally and remotely, using a standard browser, wireless device, desktop device, or thin client device.
Basic Categories of Thin Clients
1. Basic
2. Robust
3. Flexible
4. Mobile
5. Legacy
Basic Thin Clients
• Provides server-based computing
• …