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[31 Aug 2008 | No Comment | 907 supporters]

Two security researchers have demonstrated a new technique to stealthily intercept internet traffic on a scale previously presumed to be unavailable to anyone outside of intelligence agencies like the National Security Agency.
The tactic exploits the internet routing protocol BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) to let an attacker surreptitiously monitor unencrypted internet traffic anywhere in the world, and even modify it before it reaches its destination.
The demonstration is only the latest attack to highlight fundamental security weaknesses in some of the internet’s core protocols. Those protocols were largely developed in the 1970s …

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[14 Apr 2008 | No Comment | 1,585 supporters]

There are many ways to advertise your web site on the internet, but if you want to increase targeted traffic to your web site, you will have to use targeted marketing techniques. First we will have to define the term ‘targeted traffic’.
Targeted traffic is comprised of people who are interested in the theme of your website. For example, if your website is devoted to koi carp targeted traffic will consist of koi carp lovers, not people looking for information on how to keep goldfish. However, if your theme is fish …

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[1 Mar 2008 | No Comment | 628 supporters]

Automated ‘Google Hacking’ Software for Unearthing Data on Other Sites Triggers Security Fears. It’s called “Google hacking” — a slick data-mining technique used by the Internet’s cops and crooks alike to unearth sensitive material mistakenly posted to public Web sites.
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