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Stuff is a men’s magazine featuring reviews of consumer electronics, and other articles of interest to a predominantly male audience.
The UK version of the magazine is published by Haymarket Media Group Ltd and is focused mainly on consumer electronics, gadgetry and lifestyle products, such as iPods, fast cars, computers and men’s clothing. Like its U.S. equivalent, Stuff UK often has a scantily clad woman on the cover (with a few further photos of her inside the magazine); as the model is clothed this is not considered pornography in Britain. There are multiple in-depth features, such as product reviews of laptops, digital audio (MP3) players, digital cameras (compact and SLR), as well as advertising. Regular features include an “adrenaline junkie” article, and speculative pages about upcoming technology, such as the “rumour mill” and the “Next big thing?” on the last page.
“Hot Stuff” is the news section that features new or unreleased products. Top 10s of currently available items…