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.sco (dotSCO) is a proposed top-level domain. It is somewhat unclear whether it is intended to be a national domain for Scotland, or simply for sites in the Lowland Scots.

The campaign was initiated following the successful introduction of .cat for Catalan-speaking community. The .cat domain is officially reserved for those websites which “highlight Catalan language and culture”.

The mission statement of the campaign states that:

The all-encompassing word “culture” would tend to imply just about anything associated with the nation of Scotland; after all, a nation is definied by its characteristic culture. However it is not clear whether websites in Scotland’s other two languages (Scottish English and Scottish Gaelic language) are intended for inclusion.

A survey carried out by the General Register Office for Scotland in 1996 suggested that while 30% of Scots responded “Yes” to the slightly ambiguous question “Can you speak the Scots language?”, only 17% responded yes to the…