Recovery was a music and youth-oriented television series that was broadcast by ABC TV in Australia. The show was aired each Saturday morning from 9:00am to 12:00pm, following the overnight video clip program, Rage, and was broadcast from 20 April 1996 to 29 April 2000.
Each episode featured a mix of live performances, music videos and other youth-relevant pop culture segments.
Recovery was primarily hosted by Dylan Lewis, although in the earlier episodes produced in Sydney, the hosting and segment introduction duties were shared with others, such as Sarah Macdonald (journalist). Once production moved to Melbourne, the show was co-hosted by Tamara Rewse, then Jane Gazzo, and was shot entirely before a live studio audience. Film reviews were presented by Leigh Whannell, who appeared to have a penchant for horror. Pheona Donohoe of “scenestar” presented the all-ages gig report and DJ J’Nett presented the electronic dance music segment. Actor/comedian Angus Sampson was also a regular co…