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In computing, a protocol is a set of rules which is used by computers to communicate with each other across a network. A protocol is a convention or standard that controls or enables the connection, communication, and data transfer between computing endpoints. In its simplest form, a protocol can be defined as the rules governing the syntax, semantics, and synchronization of communication. Protocols may be implemented by hardware, software, or a combination of the two. At the lowest level, a protocol defines the behavior of a hardware connection. A protocol is a formal description of message formats and the rules for exchanging those messages.
While protocols can vary greatly in purpose and sophistication, most specify one or more of the following properties:
The protocols in human communication are separate rules about appearance, speaking, listening and understanding. All these rules, also called protocols of conversation, represent different layers of communication. They work…

Vulnerability Note VU#800113

Multiple DNS implementations vulnerable to cache poisoning Overview Deficiencies in the DNS protocol and common DNS implementations facilitate DNS cache…

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