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Press is a daily middle-market tabloid newspaper published in Belgrade.
Press Publishing Group also owns a daily aimed at businesspeople called Biznis, as well as a lifestyle weekly magazine Lola and a glossy monthly magazine called FAME. Founded in late 2005, the company has quickly established itself as one of Serbia’s leading media enterprises.
According to its most recent annual financial report submitted to Serbian Economic Register Agency, the company has 136 employees and it posted an annual profit of RSD58,830,000 (approximately € 0.7 million at the time) for the calendar year 2007.
The Press owners control the paper through an entity named Press Publishing Group d.o.o. that’s registered as a limited liability company since mid October 2006.
Initially, it was co-owned by three parties: Amber Press Limited company from Cyprus (50%), individual Đorđe Stefanović (40%), and Mediavox d.o.o. company from Belgrade (10%). However, since Mediavox is also owned by Stefanović, Press…

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