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Olympus is a fictional setting, a location in the Marvel Universe. Adapted from Greek mythology by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, it first appeared in Journey into Mystery Annual #1 (1965).
Olympus is a small other-dimensional planetary body whose nature and physics are different from those of planetary bodies in the Earthly dimension. Olympus serves as the home to the Olympian gods. Olympus resembles the Asgardian continent, although it is no bigger than a large city. This relatively flat asteroid-like landmass is suspended in space, and is surrounded by what its inhabitants call “the Abyss.”
Olympus is linked to at least four other dimensions. The dimensional bridge between Olympus and Earth leads to somewhere on Mount Olympus in Greece. There is also a nexus between Olympus and Hades, the realm of Pluto, and an apparently artificial nexus between Olympus and Asgard. Also, there is a bridge leading to another realm, from which the Olympian race is said to originate.
A portal is depicted…