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The Nokia N81 is a smartphone announced by Nokia on 29 August 2007. The phone is compatible with the N-Gage 2.0 mobile gaming service.
The Nokia N81 suffered from lower sound output due to the release of the new firmware version. According to Nokia, they must follow an international standard wherein a device’s initial or default volume must be set to low to avoid any damage to its users.
An 8 GB version of the Nokia N81 is also available. The only difference is the lack of the Micro SD slot. The phone treats the 8 GB as a Micro SD, while keeping about 25 MB of it, to itself.
The device is also known for being a gaming-dedicated device because it can be played as a typical game console. The device comes with 2 dedicated gaming keys that can be used on N-Gage games and other applications.
CNet found it buggy, slow, and badly designed. Mobile Phones UK gave it 3/5, praising its feature set, while again criticising the “plasticky” design.