Tag: Nokia N78

The Nokia N78 is a multimedia 3G Smartphone made by Nokia, designed by Joeske Schellen. It was first introduced at the Mobile World Congress in February 2008, and was launched on 26 May 2008 for €350 before taxes and subsidies. The phone is compatible with the N-Gage 2.0 mobile gaming service.
Firmware version 20.149 (dated 8 December 2008) became available for the generic (non-branded) N78 via its over-the-air update facility in January 2009.
The latest firmware version 21.002 released last 18 February 2009 is the lightest update with a 214 KB downloaded file using FOTA. A lot of improvements were made to the overall performance of the device after the upgrade.
There is also firmware version 30.011 available through Nokia Software Updater. This update was released 8 May 2009 and it is not available through FOTA yet.

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