Navteq is a Chicago-based provider of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data and is a major provider of base electronic navigable maps. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nokia but operates independently.
Navteq’s underlying map database is based on first-hand observation of geographic features rather than relying on official government maps. It provides data used in a wide range of applications, including automotive navigation systems for many car makers, accounting for around 85% of market share. Most clients use Navteq to provide traffic reports in major metropolitan areas throughout North America.
Navteq partners with third-party agencies and companies to provide its services for portable GPS devices made by Garmin, Lowrance, NDrive and web-based applications such as Yahoo! Maps, Bing Maps, Nokia Maps, and MapQuest. Microsoft’s aviation game Flight Simulator X uses Navteq data to achieve a high level of visual realism for automatic terrain generation. XM Satellite…