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[5 Mar 2008 | No Comment | 413 supporters]

A Linux-based production pipeline is a perfect choice for a major motion picture like The Spiderwick Chronicles, with its many goblins and magical creatures. Hollywood has been the realm of Linux since 1997, when the movie Titanic proved that Linux can do big computer graphics jobs like rendering a sinking ocean liner. With an industry tradition of using UNIX-based operating systems for high-computation jobs, and due to the better, faster, cheaper nature of Linux, every major effects or animation movie today is produced using Linux. Visual effects facilities ILM and …

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[29 Jan 2008 | No Comment | 889 supporters]

In a move to beef up its cross platform offerings for mobile phones and desktop applications, Nokia (NYSE: NOK) announced Monday that it will acquire software platform and frameworks developer Trolltech for $153 million. Nokia said the Norwegian firm’s Qtopia software technology it will help in the spread of its Ovi Web portal. It also said the company software is used in several thousand applications including Skype, Google Earth, and Adobe Photoshop Elements.
“Trolltech’s deep understanding of open source software and its strong technology assets will enable both Nokia and …