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JetStream and Mobile JetStream are two former brand names used by Telecom New Zealand to market its retail and resale ADSL-based fixed line and CDMA2000-based 3G wireless Internet access offerings respectively. The retail ADSL offering from its own Internet service provider (ISP), Xtra, is now more commonly referred to by the company as Xtra Broadband, though the JetStream brand is still in use.
Retail ADSL offerings (using Telecom’s network) from other non-Telecom ISPs such as TelstraClear were often sold under the resale option, and many have now been migrated to retail plans that either use Telecom’s wholesaled WBS or UBS ADSL offerings.
Like Xtra, these other ISPs now tend to avoid using the JetStream names in their up-to-date ADSL marketing collateral.
Due to its original use by Telecom, ADSL is now what many New Zealanders refer to as JetStream, occasionally also applying the term to broadband in general, though with the apparent withdrawal of use by Telecom of the brand name,…

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