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[28 May 2008 | No Comment | 775 supporters]

Recently my blog are blank.
I could not detect it earlier due to my super cache plugins. After deep investigate it seem some of my plugins cause this issue.
I have disable some plugins and it works.
I think i have to check all the plugins installed on the site. But quite bz right now.

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[24 Feb 2008 | No Comment | 1,106 supporters]

If you are serious about your business and it’s online presence, then you have probably struggled with the issue of getting more customers. Finding ways that are easy, effective, and cost efficient can be hard. One way, to help your business to grow, is by advertising using Facebook.
Now, you may be thinking that Facebook was simply another one of those sites for youngsters. And in fact, you’d be partially right. Facebook, was actually created with the initial intention of allowing college students to swap photos and communicate with one another. …

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[16 Feb 2008 | One Comment | 541 supporters]

SCO Group, best known for suing IBM and claiming it deserved royalties from companies using the popular Linux operating system, said Thursday that a private investment firm has agreed to put up the money to take SCO out of bankruptcy court.Stephen Norris Capital Partners and its partners from the Middle East, which SCO did not identify, have agreed to provide up to $100 million to reorganize SCO and take it private. As part of the plan, SNCP would take control of SCO.
Because of the investment, SCO is poised …