Instagib is a popular modifier in Cube engine games. There are then subdivisions of instagib like instactf, instateam, and instahold. Instagib is a gamemode (or modifier) in which one shot will kill you, hence the name. When playing “insta” you usually will start with a rifle of sorts and 1 health. One of the most popular gamemodes of instagib is instagib-capture-the-flag, or “ictf” for short. It has the modification of instagib, but with two teams trying to steal each others’ flags and getting them back to your flag. Instateam is a “teamdeathmatch” mode but with instagib with it. Instahold is a gamemode in which two teams capture and run around with one flag the randomly spawns somewhere in the map after a certain team scores the maximum number of points.