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[26 Mar 2010 | No Comment | 2,225 supporters]
Simple bios update to support upcoming Phenon II X6

ASUS announced a full range of motherboards that are ready to support the upcoming six-core AMD® Phenom™ II X6 processors to herald a new era in ultra-powerful personal computing.
The AMD six-core processor-ready ASUS M4 Series motherboards deliver maximum performance on a mainstream platform. Joe Hsieh, General Manager of ASUS Motherboard Business, said, “Besides being ready to support six-core processors, the ASUS M4 Series gives users of every level the best performance and value with its Core Unlocker feature. This has received notable recognition …

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[14 Jan 2008 | No Comment | 3,199 supporters]

The tablet PC is a slate shaped computer which is mobile in nature. For coping up with modern era and its fast generations the invention of the Tablet PC is incredible. The use of this PC as the name suggests is very beneficial, though the device is very small in size. With the latest techniques that are introduced in its form is attracting everyone to use it for various purposes.
Right from the touch screens to the digital pen, everything in this Tablet PC are designed to meet the needs of …