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[7 Mar 2008 | One Comment | 799 supporters]

Paris, FRANCE – March 6, 2008 – Ubisoft and EuropaCorp announced today that they have signed an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement for the development, publishing and distribution of video games based on EuropaCorp’s upcoming Arthur and the Minimoys sequels. The games will be available worldwide in conjunction with the next two films: Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard for Holiday 2009 and Arthur and the Two Worlds War for Holiday 2010.
Like Arthur and the Minimoys, released in December 2006, the upcoming films will feature both CG animated and live action …

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[29 Feb 2008 | One Comment | 1,348 supporters]

ReactOS is a computer operating system intended to be binary-compatible with application software and device drivers made for Microsoft Windows NT versions 5.x and up (Windows 2000 and its successors). It is composed entirely of free software, by means of a complete clean room reverse engineering process.
Although the project is in the alpha development stage as of 2008, many Windows programs already work well. While the ReactOS kernel has been written from scratch, the userland is mostly based on the Wine compatibility layer for Unix-like operating systems.
ReactOS is primarily written …

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[27 Feb 2008 | 2 Comments | 1,036 supporters]

HylaFAX is the leading fax server for Unix-like computer systems. It uses a client-server design and supports the sending and receiving of faxes as well as text pages, on any scale from low to very high volumes, if necessary making use of large numbers of modems. It is free software and can be used commercially without charge.
Sam Leffler, while working at Silicon Graphics (SGI), wrote a fax server for SGI’s IRIX servers called FlexFAX and released it to the public in June of 1991. Leffler and others worked for several …