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Code are an English/Norwegian black metal band that formed in 2002.
The band formed out of Aort’s solo project Seasonal Code with which he had released three demos between 1998 and 2001. The band’s founding members were Aort and Kvohst (Mat McNerney). The original line-up consisted of Aort on guitars, Cthonian on vocals and Kvohst from the bands Void and Dødheimsgard on vocals. The band released their first demo, entitled Neurotransmissions: Amplified Thought Chemistry, on March 15, 2002 with music written by Aort and all lyrics by Kvohst. Before they recorded their debut album, Cthonian departed the band and they were joined by Viper aka Vicotnik from the bands Ved Buens Ende and Dødheimsgard on bass guitar. Vyttra joined on session Guitar and AiwarikiaR, former drummer of Ulver, joined on drums. Aort wrote all of the music and Kvohst co-wrote the lyrics with an English writer called Andrew Nicol for the next two studio albums. The band was eventually signed to Spikefarm Records an…

NVIDIA open CUDA source code

NVIDIA today announced that it will provide the source code for the new NVIDIA® CUDA® LLVM-based compiler to academic researchers and software-tool vendors, enabling them to more easily add GPU support…

Windows 7 beta now available

Microsoft has apparently decided that it has enough server capacity and has made the code for the Windows 7 beta available. More: continued here

Blender is capable

Blender is one of the free multi platform 3D software like MAYA. It have Windows, Linux, Mac os X, Solaris and FreeBSD version of software. You also can get the…

Sun Certifying Ubuntu – with Hardy Heron!

Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth has been telling Reuters that Sun is in the process of certifying Ubuntu on some of its low-end and mid-size hardware. The code it’s certifying is…

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