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[20 Oct 2009 | No Comment | 964 supporters]
Microsoft Update on Sidekick Data Restoration

The Danger / Microsoft team continues to work around the clock and has completed its latest round of rigorous tests. We are now ready to make the first phase of the content restoration process available to you, starting with personal contacts.
This data restoration effort is only necessary for the minority of customers who lost data from their Sidekick devices.
Beginning today, log into the My T-Mobile website, where there will be a recovery tool to restore contacts you may have lost during the recent service outage. This tool will enable you …

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[1 Oct 2009 | No Comment | 848 supporters]
MSI announces graphics card tweak utility “Afterburner”

Boost MSI graphics card performance with powerful overclocking, tweaking and monitoring function
The world-leading graphics card and mainboard manufacturer, MSI, today announces all-in-one graphics card tweak utility “Afterburner”. All MSI graphics card users can download it for free on Afterburner website today. The powerful overclocking, tweaking, and monitoring features of Afterburner are incomparable among competitors. The MSI graphics card users can immediately enjoy the overclocking performance and tweaking pleasure

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[25 Jul 2008 | No Comment | 621 supporters]

July 24th, 2016. Josef Konsumer, a home-based employee and portfolio manager for ICBC/CiticorpChase, a Chinese-owned multinational investment bank, wakes up to hear his alarm clock go off at 8am, and gets out of bed, his 47-year old body aching from an aggressive personal trainer session from the day before.
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