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In various types of electronic equipment, a cartridge can refer to one method of adding different functionality or content; for example, a video game played on a video game console; or a method by which consumables may be replenished, such as an ink cartridge for a printer. The term cartridge tends to be applied loosely to a large range of techniques which conform to this general description.
In general the term tends to mean any detachable sub-unit that is held within its own container. The term cassette has a similar meaning. A video game cartridge may also be referred to as a cart or game pak.
The 4-track cartridge and 8-track cartridge are analog music storage formats popular from the late 1960s to the early 1980s. Here, a cartridge contains audio tape, thus providing different content using the same player. The plastic outer shell permits ease of handling of the fragile tape, making it far more convenient and robust than having loose or exposed tape.
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