Carrier (キャリアー) is a survival horror video game for the Dreamcast, notable in part for being fully 3D – then still a rarity for survival horror games, which mostly displayed 3D characters over pre-rendered backgrounds. In Carrier, players assume the separate roles of an investigation team that was split up from a surprise attack.
A cancelled sequel for the PlayStation 2 titled Carrier: The Next Mutation was once planned for release.
Despite the basic attributes of the game’s controls, there were additional features to the play that made Carrier unique.
Once the player aims at an enemy, a circle of tiny blue triangles indicate vital areas on an enemy that can be amputated such as arms, heads and sometimes even torsos.
These explosives, once set on the ground, detonate after five seconds, giving the player some time to evacuate before detonation. The blast radius of these explosives are relatively small, but are still deadly, so it is necessary for the player to run away from the bomb…