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Getright is one of the popular download manager. You also can do segmented download. It mean the source was break into several segment and download it at the same time. You can get this software here.

COMODO Firewall Pro – the best free firewall software

COMODO Firewall Pro is the best free firewall software from COMODO. CNET give 5 star rating while PC Magazine give 4 1/2 star rating for this software. You can get the software from here.

Linux filemanger.

XFM. This is minimal Linux file manager. You can get the software here.

Midnight Commander. Very old Linux file manager. Get it here.

Gentoo. This is not one of the Linux distro, but it is the file manager. Get the software here.

ROX-filer. Rox filer is now become one of the desktop manager. But you can still get the software here.

EmelFM2. Get from here.

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