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Servers for Windows

Server for windows can be be installed on any pc running windows, Windows NT or windows .the most popular server for professional use is the O’Reilly’s website or the internet information server

Microsoft PWS (Personal Web Server)

Personal Web sever from Microsoft is a part of windows ,internet explorer and above .it is most useful for maintaining a low-volume web server for basically hosting small web sites .developers use it mostly to powerful web server. Once you have set up your pws you can access the web pages you have created using via a processing of Colorado web designed page browser.

Microsoft IIS

Microsoft’s internet information server is for Windows NT only. It comes along with three server-0web, FTP and Gopher. Can download and get more information about more information about IIS from Microsoft.

IIS from Microsoft captures a fair share of the internet server market. Along with IIS, Microsoft includes a set of programs for building and administering Denver web design sites .it also includes support for writing web-based applications that access databases.

You can also use Microsoft’s Active server page technology, which also means that applications can be embedded in web pages. An ASP script is processed on a web server and the results is sent to the user. You can create an ASP file by including a script written in VBScript or JavaScript along with html code is given the suffix of. “ASP” files.

ASP is some what similar to a server –side includes or a common gateway interface application as it executed on the server. Asp is a feature of the Microsoft internet information server, but, since the server- side script is just building a regular HTML page, it can deliver to any browser.

Testing and maintence of web site

We are now the last stage of developing and deploying a web site. In this section we will covering web site testing and maintenance these features are as important as developing a web page

HTML Validation

It is important that you test and validate all your html code. Even if you are sure that all is in right places with correct syntax there is still a possibility that some tags and other elements have not been define properly .to avoid this there are and other elements have not been defined properly. To avoid this there are some html validates available that check only the html syntax of a web page. The famous one for windows is cse html can download the trial version from the address
CSE HTML Validator Professional is a fast, powerful, highly user configurable, and easy to use html development too that will assist you in creating syntactically correct html documents.

All you have to do is open an html document using an html validator and then your job is done .on encountering errors it displays them in an easy to understand manner and the messages so that sources of your document. You can click on one of these messages so that you are directly taken to the place e has occurred .you can fix the problem and re-check the document again.

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