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Samsung sponsored Enlightenment developement

It is the good news for the Enlightenment fan out there. Electronic giant, Samsung will be sponsoring Enlightenment development.

Carsten Haitzler – Nov 18, 2009 at 11:20 AM

We are working with a top-5 electronics producer (one of the largest in the world, who produces millions of mobile phones, televisions, sound systems and more per year) to bring Enlightenment and especially it’s deep technology to their products. In fact not just working with this manufacturer, but they are actively sponsoring development on Enlightenment and EFL to ensure it does what is needed for their products (beyond what it already does).

What does this mean for you as users and developers? It means that you are likely to see top-quality electronic devices running the same things you use on your desktop. This means as a developer the same libraries and API’s will be there, ready to use, out of the box. You can even start your development now in anticipation. Use Elementary, Evas, Edje, Ecore, Eet, Eina, and so on and design for a small screen with a “finger” and minimal keyboard (by small screen i mean in the range of 240×320, 320×480 and so on up to 480×800 for portrait, and similar for landscape (320×240, 480×320, 800×480).

Do it now so you have code that already works. you can develop on the desktop no problems and it ports with a simple “make” to the devices in question.

That’s about all the information we have for now. Expect something in the future with more details, such as what products and roughly when.

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