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New Music Phones From Samsung – Creating Waves

i450Samsung has always been known for its slim, sophisticated and exquisite sliders. The slim revolution in the world mobile markets can safely be said to be initiated by this Korean giant. Now, Samsung has decided to venture into other arenas as well within the domain of mobile phones. Music phone is one category which is dominated by Sony Ericsson and Samsung has declared an open war by attempting to step into this genre as well.

Samsung is attempting to match the super success of Sony Ericsson’s Walkman phones by declaring 3 new music-centric handsets- SGH-i450, SGH-F330 and SGH-F210. These are all top rated handsets having a glut of high-tech features, but will be dominated by a range of high-end music features. The most outstanding feature of SGH-i450 is an amplifier developed by high-end audio specialists Bang & Olufsen. Running on Symbian S60 software platform, this smartphone boasts of a dual-slider design. Though the in-built memory is quite disappointing, it can be expanded to 4GB with a Micro SD memory card.


An HSDPA slider-handset, the SGH-F330 is also a music inclined phone with excellent features and great voice clarity. It boasts of a 2Mp camera plus 24MB of memory which is expandable. SGH-i450 would be introduced in Italy, whereas the SGH-F330 would first become available in Germany. The third one, SGH-F210, is a swivel phone wherein the top half swivels to reveal a keypad. Packed with 1GB of memory, the phone has expandable memory and can store all of your favourite numbers. The FM radio built-in with RDS support is one key feature that makes the handset stand apart from the pack. Like the SGH-F330, this device would soon be launched in Germany and then in other European countries.

Choose any of the three; each one comes with the Samsung guarantee of superb technology and functionality.

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