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Middle East on Path to Digital Future Says Intel Chairman

WASHINGTON, D.C., May 8, 2008 – Speaking at the U.S.-Arab Economic Forum in Washington, D.C., Intel Corporation Chairman Craig Barrett shared his vision on the role of technology and education in driving a digital transformation in the Middle East.

“Education and technology can expand what is possible and create opportunities for people across the Middle East,” said Barrett. The foundation for innovation in today’s knowledge based economy relies on a highly educated workforce and a strong technology infrastructure. Together they make up the backbone of the modern economy.”

Barrett also said such a region-wide agenda requires the combined efforts of the public and private sectors.

Barrett today announced several initiatives to build on Intel’s comprehensive economic, educational and technology-related support throughout the region and the work of the Intel World Ahead program:

Barrett also announced Intel’s commitment to the U.S.-Palestine Partnership with focus on training teachers, unwiring the West Bank and initiatives to encourage entrepreneurship.

These programs plus additional regional activities, which are to be unveiled at the World Economic Forum Middle East later in the month, continue to demonstrate Intel’s commitment to the region.

Intel currently works with several local governments, educational institutions, businesses, NGOs and non-profit organizations, and local businesses to expand the use and understanding of technology and to develop suitable environments for innovation and research. Over the past decade, Intel has expanded its operations in the Middle East to include offices in Cairo, Riyadh, Beirut, Dubai and Casablanca.

Intel’s Digital Transformation Initiative is a catalyst for Intel’s global USD$1 billion World Ahead Program. Additional information about Intel’s World Ahead program is available at

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