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Intel® Centrino® 2 Processor Brings HD, add security and manageability features, faster, longer baterry life and high range wireless



* The news — Unveiling of Intel® Centrino® 2 Mobile Technology and five new processors – three of which that run at just 25 Watts – plus all-new chipset and wireless products. Also: an Extreme Edition version, the world’s highest performing dual-core mobile processor. Centrino 2 boosts every major feature that consumers and businesses love about their laptops. Intel will also introduce eight more ultra-low voltage and the company’s first-ever quad-cores for laptops within 90 days.
* The context — For consumers, all of these new innovations and enhancements combine to bring ‘HD-on-the-Go,’ stunning high definition and for the first time the ability to view a typical Blu-ray* movie on a single battery charge. For businesses, Intel Centrino 2 vPro Technology offers added security and manageability capabilities.
* Why it matters — Notebook PCs in all shapes and sizes are very popular, outselling desktop computers in the U.S. (and soon around the world). Intel-based laptops incorporating these new features improve upon every major facet of a notebook PC – increased performance, improved energy-efficiency for longer battery life, speedier and longer-range wireless connections (Wi-Fi and later WiMAX), thinner and lighter styles and new business-class features.

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