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How to Write a Killer Blog Post?

A blog is a comment or a piece of news that are written in blogging websites. It is generally a monolog where the narrator tells his opinion about a subject and also analyzes what others have to say on it as well. If not written well, a blog can well be a passive harangue which is not really read by many users. The site loses its viewer-ship as a result of the pathetic blogs. However, if there is an interesting fact, useful tips, or content that at once strikes the cord in one’s heart, the entire website can shine immediately. In short, a killer blog can bring immense traffic to the site. Here are some ways in which you can write a killer blog yourself.

Keyword-Centric Content
The title tag, headline, and the body text should be relevant keywords if you wish your readers to access the blog. The idea should hover around the title in direct, lucid, yet decisive sentences.

Blogs are opinions to a large extent. So, you need to say what you feel clearly and substantiate with references, viewpoints, analyses, etc. The language should state facts and comments decisively.

Although blogs are subjected to comments and many users may not agree with your viewpoints, nevertheless, do say it clearly to them. The headline should be catchy and immediate say what to expect from the blog article.

Interesting Piece of Content
To make the content interesting, blogs should ideally have images, diagrams, video-clips, wave files, and similar media effects. A blog written without these objects don’t fetch much traffic unlike those which are illustrated with beautiful animations, diagrams, or sound files.

Identify Your Style and Approach
Blogs are written aplenty and the blog-writers carve out a niche in the online world through their write-ups. You need to have your own individuality in what you write and the subject you are dealing with.

For instance, are you an aggressive writer or a satirist? Even in technical subjects, you can make your style unique by providing a constant feature in your articles.

Linking Out the Blog
Blogs flourish only when they are read by majority of the users. Comments, discussion threads, etc help in making a blog popular. A killer blog would be a blog that is widely read, commented, and discussed in its own community.

Sending out the links to your social networking friends or groups can go a long way in making your blog an interesting piece of write up. However, be sure to get criticisms in your write ups as well.

And, linking to different sites is a kind of a promotion which is a must for blogs to flourish. For instance, your blog is sure to have examples of other websites or links. Why not link the article to these sites?

There are also many websites which cater to books, explanatory notes, articles, and so on – link to these sites if you wish your write up to be a killer blog. However, while linking, ensure you have something related to the linking site written in your blog.

Blogging means writing in a particular way. And, it is also a way to project your style – the unique feature in your writeup. So, write like a writer with one trend that is unique just for you.

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