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Fix Registry Errors Simply

You can fix registry errors on your computer quite simply. It’s easy to fix the problems yourself without using a registry repair program. This article will describe some common issues with your computer’s performance that can easily be fixed.

Startup is slow

When your PC takes forever to load it can be frustrating. You just want to start using your PC but have to stare at the Windows logo while the computer “thinks”. Here’s the problem…

There days, lots of programs add update checking utilities to your computer. The update checks are great because they keep your software up-to-date. The problem is, they all do the check (or try to do the check) when your computer starts up. It’s like everyone trying to drive to work at exactly the same time- the roads get clogged.

To fix this problem, run msconfig. To do this, go start – accessories – command prompt. Type msconfig and press enter. A small dialog will appear. Click on the “Startup Applications” tab and remove any software that is not absolutely necessary. Restart your PC and you’ll find that the boot-up process is much quicker than before.

Applications take a long time to start

Over time, programs can take longer and longer to start up. Startup time is based largely on the amount of memory available. Windows uses your hard disk as temporary memory. If your hard disk is running short of space, or is fragmented, your programs will take a while to load.

There are two easy solutions to this problem. First, ensure you have as much free space on your hard disk as possible. Uninstall un-used programs and delete big files that you don’t need any more. Next, run a free disk defragmentation utility. This will organize your hard disk so there is no wasted space.

If you have done all these things and you are still experiencing errors or bad performance then maybe it’s time to look at registry repair software.

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