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Entensys and BrightCloud Announce Technology Partnership

Moscow, Russia, and San Diego, CA, USA- 2 April 2008 – Entensys Corporation and BrightCloud, Inc. have announced a joint technology partnership to integrate the hosted BrightCloud Service and the BrightCloud Master Database into UserGate Security server, a complete Internet Sharing software solution providing centralized network management with extremely high-level security for protected Internet access.

UserGate provides ultimate control and security of all Internet Connections, carries out network Resource Caching, conducts exact traffic calculation, offers a built-in Billing System and a Statistics Module, and includes DHCP support as well as a dual core anti-virus check.

The BrightCloud Service will be integrated into the UserGate Proxy so that customers can implement web filtering as part of the proxy solution.

As UserGate users browse the web, they will be able to implement acceptable internet usage policies appropriate for their user population. The web page request is handed off to the BrightCloud Service and the BrightCloud Master Database to determine the category of the website, and the integrated UserGate policy engine implement the appropriate policy, blocking access, for example to inappropriate web sites, phishing web sites, or web sites infected with malware.

“The integration of the hosted BrightCloud Service with UserGate Internet Security server provides users with a state of the art web filtering experience for managing their Internet access,” said Alexander Levchenko, President of Entensys Corporation. “Entensys’ integration of the hosted BrightCloud Service shows our commitment to providing our user population with a great user experience built upon superior technology covering maximum of existing Internet websites.”

“We are very please to announce this technology partnership,” commented Quinn Curtis, CEO of BrightCloud. “UserGate is a very successful product in the marketplace, and a perfect fit for the BrightCloud solution. Combining the Entensys product with the hosted BrightCloud Services provides UserGate customers with the security and peace of mind that they are being protected by the next generation of web filtering.”

The BrightCloud Master Database, containing over 125 million sites, is more than 5 times as large as the URL databases of the market leaders. The integrated hosted BrightCloud Service enables UserGate customers to protect themselves with the largest and most accurate solution in the world, as validated by the independent West Coast Labs study which compared the BrightCloud Master Database with the databases of Websense, SurfControl, and Secure Computing’s Smartfilter.

The technology partnership brings to Entensys customers the ability to enhance productivity by limiting access to non-productive web browsing, reduce exposure to legal liability by blocking access to inappropriate web sites, maximize IT resources by managing access to peer to peer websites, or IM or other internet communication websites, and protect themselves from websites that have been compromised and host malicious software, or phishing sites that try to capture sensitive user or corporate information.

The BrightCloud Master Database extends the value of web filtering across the internet’s Long Tail- not only the most popular sites, but the 450 million sites that are less popular, but visited by enterprise users nonetheless. The BrightCloud Master Database supports multiple categories and confidence scores for each site. It also provides coverage of the major European and Asian languages and others, including German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Russian, Ukrainian and Armenian.

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