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Enable EasyApache 3 for new Cpanel

Enable EasyApache 3This guide to Enable EasyApache 3 no longer relevant with current situation.

This note is for myself since my server still rely on EasyApache 3. On the new Cpanel WHM58 and WHM60 EasyApache 4 is a default software use to compile Apache,Php and others required component in the server.

EasyApache 3 is scheduled for deprecation in January of 2018, when cPanel & WHM version 62 reaches End of Life. After that time, EasyApache 3 will no longer receive any updates.

[root@main ~]# mkdir /usr/local/apache.ea3/
[root@main ~]# /scripts/migrate_ea3_to_ea4 --revert --run
This action will revert your existing EasyApache4 install back to EasyApache3.

- While the system runs the migration script, some of cPanel & WHM’s features may not operate completely.
- Please wait for the system to complete the script before you attempt anything else on your server.
- We apologize for the inconvenience.

- Do you wish to continue? [y/n]y
Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, tsflags, universal-hooks
Setting up Remove Process
Resolving Dependencies
--> Running transaction check
---> Package ea-apache24.x86_64 0:2.4.23-3.6.2.cpanel will be erased
---> Package ea-apache24-config.noarch 0:1.0-69.72.6.cpanel will be erased
EasyApache 4 has successfully been reverted.

After setup to enable EasyApache 3 not appear just go to this URL : https://serverip:2087/yourcpanelcpsess9569280585/cgi/

This method also useful if you need the EA3 profile to be migrated to EA4 if you have old server to be migrated to new server.

Just import EA3 profile to new server. Recompile EA3. Convert to EA4.

The new server should be using EA4 compatible profile with old EA3 config.

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