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DotNetPanel Announces First-Ever Hyper-V Control Panel

DotNetPanel, a leading Windows hosting control panel developer, announced today its new, first-ever Hyper-V control panel for hosting companies who want a complete virtualization and VPS solution. The new DotNetPanel VPS solution is a set of modules designed exclusively for provisioning Virtual Private Servers (VPS) based on Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V technology.

“We are the first control panel development company to build and offer Hyper-V virtualization provisioning software to hosting companies and SaaS providers,” said Feodor Fitsner, Director of DotNetPanel. “Our new Hyper-V enterprise modules provide our customers the ability to create, start, stop, and automate VPS provisioning – all in one control panel.”

System administrators can completely automate VPS provisioning while giving end users a web-based self-service control panel to manage their own servers. The new Hyper-V module supports Virtual Data Center (VDC) mode for hosting, development, testing, and demo purposes. VDC users have full control over their VPS, private, and external networks.

“Providers now have full control over their virtualization environment at a remarkably low price without sacrificing quality, speed, and uptime,” said Fitsner. “All features and functionality are available in one control panel for complete automation of all business operations.”

DotNetPanel with Hyper-V supports reseller features including custom hosting name patterns, hosting plans with “Hyper-V” resources, customizable “VPS Setup Letter” template, and the ability to add an external network address. End users can view a list of virtual machines, their status, disk space allocation, memory utilization, VPS state, manage VPS Networking, and a dozen other features.

“The new DotNetPanel Hyper-V modules offer Enterprise-class virtualization at a fraction of the cost compared to more expensive, complicated systems on the market,” said Fitsner. “DotNetPanel is the only control panel that can automate VPS provisioning in less than ten minutes. Administrators get complete automation of all business cycles: customer sign-up, VPS provisioning, recurring charges, upgrades/downgrades, and bandwidth calculation.”

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