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ClearContext Personal Beta Program Begins, Puts Outlook Information in Context to Prevent Email Overload

Free ClearContext Personal Outlook Add-in Helps People Process Email Faster and Keep Their Information Organized

San Francisco, CA,  May 19, 2008 – ClearContext Corporation, a company that helps people work more effectively with email, today announced the beta launch of ClearContext Personal, a free Outlook add-in to help organize your email and make your inbox better.  “Email applications are built around the concept of processing messages on a one-by-one basis, an approach that is no longer viable for many people due to the number of emails they receive and all of the different tasks now being done in email,” said Deva Hazarika, co-founder and CEO of ClearContext. “We provide the context to help people go beyond just dealing with individual messages, taking email productivity to a new level.”

Burdened with an overwhelming volume of incoming email, people are faced with a number of key questions:

ClearContext addresses those questions by automatically putting different types of information that flows through email in the appropriate context.  Outlook users are able to get through their email faster and stay organized, saving them time and reducing the stress and frustration of email.

ClearContext brings order to the inbox by identifying and highlighting the most important messages based on your past email history so you can deal with them first.  Messages or entire conversation threads can be filed to the right folder with a single click, while unwanted email threads can be muted from the inbox.  A threaded conversation view lets people easily follow the entire conversation.

Since email involves much more than just the messages, all the related attachments and contacts in each folder are organized so the user can easily take actions like forwarding groups of attachments or creating distribution lists of related contacts.  People can also navigate and preview attachments within Outlook just like browsing through files on their desktop.

Automated notification emails from a wide variety of applications and websites are a growing source of interruptions for people and clog up inboxes.  ClearContext Notification Managers move those emails out of the inbox into folders automatically categorized to let you know if important notifications have arrived.  ClearContext and its users are developing a growing gallery of templates, and customized notification managers can easily be developed for any type of messages.

ClearContext has spent years working with high-volume business email users ranging from individual small business owners to senior management at global corporations to develop solutions for their email problems.   ClearContext Personal brings the benefit of that experience to all Outlook users who struggle to keep up with their email, allowing them to feel less stressed and be more productive with email.

Key ClearContext Personal Features

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