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[6 Jul 2007 | No Comment | 2,273 supporters]

In case you are a MySpace user, you have discovered what an easy to read and fun profile looks like. The one problem is, you may not be aware of how to make or find out one. In about most of the cases when you see an awful MySpace layout, because its sloppiness, hard to read, or has bothersome hyper links you didn’t even visit. That is for MySpace is known to be flourishing so much, so have the layout spinning sites. In realism, MySpace layout sites have been …

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[6 May 2007 | No Comment | 1,049 supporters]

More and more I’ve been facilitating progressive networking events where participants switch tables three times over the course of the evening to interact with three different groups of people.
It’s one of my favorite events to lead, and attendees enjoy them as well because they really maximize the number of connections they can make in a very short amount of time and know exactly what to do next to follow up. And when the events are done well – and I always strive to go the extra mile – people also …