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[21 Jun 2009 | No Comment | 1,549 supporters]
Sony VAIO NW 15.5″ notebook with Blu-ray

Sony today came out with a new VAIO, which comes with a reasonable price-tag. The Sony Vaio NW is the latest 15incher Vaio from Sony. The VAIO NW is designed for people who always loved Vaios but never bought one because of Vaios high prices.
With inviting textures and calming colors, the NW truly appeals to the senses. Its fabric-like exterior beckons your touch while the interior’s natural wave design is easy on the eyes. And when it’s time to hit the road, the slim profile and travel-ready …

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[21 Jun 2009 | One Comment | 1,021 supporters]
Samsung to unveil its WiMAX MID ‘Mondi’ in Korea

Samsung Electronics unveiled its mobile WiMAX enabled handheld device ‘Mondi’ during World IT Show 1009 in Korea market.

The Mondi carries many of the powerful features and uses of a laptop computer or netbook, but its compact slider form factor easily fits into the hand or pocket. GPS Navigation provided by Route 66 adds to the Mondi’s versatility. Available in a solid black finish, this device extends horizontally to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard and optical mouse. The Mondi™ is packed with multimedia features that offer instant access to E-mail, …

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[14 Jun 2009 | No Comment | 5,651 supporters]
Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch

After all the whining, the bickering, and the constant remarks about how Windows-based laptops have this and that and cost so much less, Apple, a company known to make its own rules, is finally letting down its guard. The lovable MacBook Pro 13-inch (now with the “Pro” moniker) has brought back the FireWire port, lowered its price, and for the first time in the company’s history, added the elusive SecureDigital (SD) slot. Mind you, we’re not ignoring the bigger and now-nonremovable battery, which scored an admirable 4 hours 44 minutes …