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Angry Bird Space is the most popular handheld game

Angry Bird game series is the most popular game for the mobile phone platform developed by Finnish developer Rovio. The latest addition is Angry Bird Space. Although it was introduce on March 22 but the game have reach 10 million download. The game is free for Android devices, but for other user such as iPhone, there are no bother to pay a small fee for a very additive game.

The new game will take the bird outside earth atmosphere which the bird use guided missile  and also effected by zero gravity. This make game more complicated and additive gameplay. Over 60 level to play with. There also new character with new power.

Angry Birds game series has become the most popular series ever produced titles for the iPhone 4S. Simple physics making it the perfect game for mobile devices, while the relatively short playing time makes it perfect if users only have a few minutes to spare while they are taking a train or waiting for appointments.

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