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Adsense Optimization Tips To Help You Make More Money Online

Making money with adsense can be a very powerful way to earn income online. If you own a website that gets traffic then as long as you place the adsense in an optimal manner you can increase your online income almost instantly. Of course if you do not own a site yet then consider creating one and learning how to optimize it for the search engines.

The main objective with adsense is to have good click through rates which will maximize your income. The main key with increasing click through rates is to make sure your ads blend in as much as possible with your site content and also the correct placement of ads is important. The link color of the ads is important as if the links on your site are red then you will want the links in the ads to also be red.

Also make sure that the url color is either black or grey as this will make the headline more noticeable. You want visitors to notice the headline of your ads because they are usually well written by most adwords advertisers since their goal is to get more clicks.

It is also a good idea to place some ads above the fold on your site. Above the fold means the section on your site that is visible without scrolling down. Make sure to place ads towards the center of the page as this area gets noticed the most. So consider having article content to the right or left of the page with adsense units in the middle. This can be accomplished easily by making the ad units like the 336×280 or 250×250 wrap around the content.

By placing ads right in the main content of your site you increase the chances of your ads getting noticed and clicked on. It is also important to keep in mind that the niche you are in must have lots of adwords advertisers in order to draw relevant ads that also pay well. The more advertisers there are the higher the bidding will get so on average you will get paid more per click.

There are certain ad units that tend not to perform well. The banner format has a record of poor performance so try to avoid that if possible. Also make sure that your ads do not have borders otherwise your visitors may ignore them as they will obviously look like ads. Be sure to make use of the channels feature in your adsense account. This will allow you to track your ads and learn what is working well and what is not.

Also you can experiment with the new Youtube adsense units as they could be profitable. However this feature is new so it is only through testing that you will know whether or not it is worth adding to your site. Try to use smaller text size on your site that is similar to the text size of the adsense units as this will help to blend your ads in better with the rest of your site.

When you are adding ads directly in the content be sure to not squeeze your content excessively as this may turn off a lot of visitors and people will simply leave your site and never come back. One of the goals of your site should be to build repeat visitors as these visitors can make you great adsense income and also affiliate income if you choose to add affiliate products to your site. Get your site optimized for adsense and maximize your online income from this powerful program.

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