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A Basic Insight Into The Technology Behind VoIP Phones

A VoIP phone can be defined as an entity that is used to make telephone calls over the internet. A VoIP phone utilises the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology wherein our voice is converted into digital signal that is transmitted over the Internet. VoIP phones enable you to enjoy the benefits of VoIP technology.
The VoIP technology is based on protocols, such as SIP, H.323 or proprietary ones like Skype.

How is voice transmitted using the VoIP technology?

VoIP phone—>broadband router—> Internet—> voip service provider

Well, if you do not wish to spend on purchasing a new VoIP phone, just connect your existing analogue telephone to a VoIP phone adaptor and enjoy the benefits of VoIP. There are many VoIP service providers who allow you to use the service on your analogue telephones. With the VoIP phone adaptor, you do not need a VoIP phone or a computer to avail the VoIP service. The analogue telephone connects to the broadband router through the adaptor. The router connects to the Internet.

standard analogue telephone—>voip adaptor—>broadband router—> Internet—> voip service provider

The UK phone users may need an RJ11 adaptor to convert their standard BT Connector to an International Connector. RJ11 adaptor may be bought with a VoIP Phone Adaptor.
Broadband routers have built-in VoIP and can also be used as VoIP Phone Adaptors. You can buy these routers online.

What are the things required to avail the benefits of VoIP service?

VoIP is indeed a cutting-edge technology that has revolutionised the telephony system to a great extent.

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