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3Tera Introduces the First Five-Nines Cloud Computing Service Level Agreement

AppLogic Virtual Private Datacenter users benefit from industry-best availability

3Tera, Inc., the leading innovator of cloud computing technology and utility computing services, announces a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for its award-winning AppLogic ™ Virtual Private Datacenter (VPDC) service. Beginning in April, 3Tera’s VPDC service will include a 99.999 percent availability SLA designed to give customers confidence and ensure that they can use the cloud to quickly deploy and operate even their most critical services and applications on a highly available and scalable platform.

“IT architects and system administrators who leverage cloud computing shouldn’t have to compromise the availability of their systems,” said Barry X Lynn, Chairman and CEO, 3Tera, Inc. “3Tera is committed to using all commercially reasonable efforts to achieve at least 99.999 percent availability for each user every month. In conjunction with data replication services provided by our Disaster Recovery Suite of appliances, the SLA provides users the ability to build highly available services in the cloud.”

“Achieving five-nines requires a complete system approach – from working with the best datacenter partners, to the architecture of AppLogic itself and even extending into the training of our operations staff,” said Peter Nickolov, President and CTO, 3Tera, Inc. “Offering the SLA ourselves will enable us to aid our partners in achieving five-nines for their AppLogic subscribers as well.”

Unlike most SLAs which require users to document outages with complicated record-keeping and often laborious paperwork, 3Tera applies SLA credits automatically without any action required from the users. The AppLogic Cloud Computing Platform constantly monitors and reports the availability of the system and instantly alerts 3Tera’s operations team of critical issues, thus minimizing downtime.

SLA Credit Schedule
3Tera VPDC customers will automatically receive SLA service credits for any calendar month where availability falls below the targeted 99.999 percent. If availability is anywhere between 99.999 percent and 99.9 percent, a 10 percent credit applies to the whole VPDC service for the entire month. If availability is lower than 99.9 percent, a 25 percent credit applies.

Starting the beginning of April, all of 3Tera’s direct AppLogic VPDC customers who subscribe to the Assured Success Plan will automatically become part of the SLA program. Initially, the SLA program applies only for services provisioned in the United States.

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